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eCommerce Features

The most important and critical features to have on your eCommerce website to perform sales and improve conversions.

01. Unlimited Products: Add unlimited products to your ecommerce platform. Display the entire product portfolio with ease without having to spend extra.

02. Custom Pages: Custom pages are the additional pages that you can add to your ecommerce website. These can be about the upcoming OFFERS or SALE, and for the premium range of products.

03. Multi Language: Translate both frontend and admin portal in multiple languages, thus making it easy to sell your products and services easily all over the world.

04. Multi Currency: Allow your customers to browse products and checkout in multiple currencies. Customers can select the currency on the front-end using the currencies dropdown.

05. Frequently Asked Questions: Add FAQs easily to your online ecommerce website and provide quick information to help customers make a purchasing decision.

06. Pricing Rules: Define pricing rules based on products, quantity, order totals, and categories. You can also set up an advanced pricing rule for a specific product.

Additional Components

Widely used modules that can take your eCommerce site to the next level.

01. Subscribers: Subscribers are essential to the success of your product. Create a list of people interested in your products using different forms, follow them on a regular basis and boost your sales.

02. Emailer: An email marketing tool to build one-on-one relationships with current and potential customers. Easy to use, low cost and good return on investment.

03. Bulk Messages: Fast and effective method to engage and build loyal customers. Easily send SMS to your customers about product offers and savings. Use your own SMS gateway.

04. Releases Manager: Releases module to manage, plan, schedule and control your software build through different stages and environments. A module that helps you to ensure smooth, timely releases of software products.

05. Backlinks: Keep a record of all backlinks submitted on different websites. You can also import and export the list. Avoid duplicate links submission and increase your ranking.

06. Advertising: Promote third party products, service or company through your website and earn a recurring income. Create different packages and let advertisers subscribe to them.

Advanced Modules

Get your eCommerce website ranked and increase your sales.

01. Blogs: Drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into leads using the Blogs module. Best marketing channel that helps in business growth.

02. Affiliates: Cost effective solution to boost your sales. Build your Online Sales Team through Affiliate Module and rapidly scale your traffic.

03. Forums: Forums a great way to boost your search ranking. This helps in building a community that foster customer engagement and bring customers closer to your brand.

04. Tickets: Help Desk ticketing system to resolve customers query without any delay. Automate the time consuming, and repetitive administrative tasks using our Tickets module.

05. Online Documentation: Create and maintain your online software guides easily through our Manuals module. Save time and easily create knowledge bases, context help, and instructions.

06. License Manager: A module to easily manage your software licenses. Sell your software and let users generate a license file online through your website. Save time and have control on the use of your software.

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